Financing and Business Sales & Acquisitions Expert


Julie is a seasoned professional in the business field, with an academic background in business administration and a member of the CPA order. She also holds a certification in Lean Six Sigma, a reputable methodology for performance and process, as well as for promoting continuous improvement.


She began her career as a business analyst. Her passion for entrepreneurship eventually led her to a position as a senior account manager at BDC, providing financing to businesses for 8 years. Later on, she worked as an independent consultant, offering her services in strategic advice, general accounting, and financial management to business leaders.


She is recognized for her analytical skills and ability to adapt, allowing her to lead ambitious and profitable projects. Determined, creative, and passionate, Julie enjoys working in teams to achieve ambitious goals and optimal solutions. In addition to her professional engagement, she is a member of a community organization’s board of directors. She is also an outdoor enthusiast and lover of various sports.

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